California Organics FAQ

All orders are Pickup Only
All orders must be picked up at California Organics at 135 Argall Way, Nevada City 95959. Our expert pickers are trained to pick and pack the freshest produce, meats, fish, dairy and eggs and these items are stored in temperature controlled environments to assure our online customers receive the highest quality foods and products!

Privacy & Security
Your privacy is paramount. We never sell out or share your personal information outside of California Organics personnel.

We make every effort to accurately pick and process your order. You will be presented with a printout of your entire order to review during pickup. If we have made a mistake, please contact us immediately via customer support ( Since we are handling perishable food, we are not able to take returns for products you do not want or need. However, if there is a quality issue, please contact customer service so we can come to a mutually agreeable solution.

Ordering Process
Select and pay for your items on Once we receive your order we begin to gather your purchases. Order adjustments are very difficult and rarely done, but the good news is since we do not have any minimums, if you need to add an item, just create an additional order. Since we incur additional charges with each new order we ask that you use this convenience sparingly. If you mistakenly mis-ordered an item, just let us know when you pick your order up and we will issue you a refund.

California Organics is a safe and secure grocery shopping experience. Payment is done online with standard banking systems. California Organics never takes your banking or credit card information; instead we use the trusted and secure site to process your payments.

Hours & Timing
We can accept orders 24/7. We fill most orders within 2 hours during business hours . If we are unable to meet this we will contact you. Certain holidays and other events may delay this, but we will make every effort to give you plenty of notification if this is the case.

California Organics is a 'Bricks n' Mortar' business with online pricing. We are able to accomplish this because of some unique economies of motion. Please compare our prices with your other online and bricks n' mortar stores. While there will be an occasional promotion or discount offered elsewhere, we are confident that taking a true side-by-side comparison with your entire shopping list, California Organics will be your preferred shopping source.

Additional Fees and Charges
There are no additional fees when picking up from California Organics besides those required by the government (sales tax, redemption charges on certain containers, bag use fees, etc.).

Minimum Order Amount
NONE! Order what you need.

Bag Charge
Some municipalities have required grocery stores to charge a 'Bag Use Fee’. We charge our customers a single bag fee for every $40.00 in purchases.

Coupons may be offered for customers periodically. Please check our Coupons page.

When will I get my order?
Typically within 2 hours after your order was submitted. We notify you when the order is ready for pick up.

Requesting New Product
Is there a product you would like us to carry? We love responding to requests. Simply send us the following information of the item you'd like to request: Company Name/Brand, Item name, Size, UPC. Our buyers will review the request and we will let you know if we are able to stock the item and when it should be available to order. Send your requests to
Rewards Member
Rewards Members can continue to accrue rewards points while shopping on our online store in the same way as when they shop in-store. Please write your Rewards Member number in the comment section of the final order page and our team will make sure you are credited your points. Rewards benefits can only be used in store, so after you've reached your threshold of 200 points be sure to shop in-store to use your benefit. Rewards benefits are expected to be available to all online shoppers in March 2018. Thanks for your patience. .
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